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We take comfort food to the next level.

Imagine the dishes Mom used to make, only better. At Ambiance at Maitland, you’ll enjoy homemade food that soothes the senses, inspires comfort, and brings you back in time to family meals at the dining table.

Our culinary team is committed to elevating your dining experience and engaging all of your senses, from visual presentation to flavors and aromas that spark the appetite and satisfy the soul. Our chefs also understand special diets, allergies, and food sensitivities, and pride themselves on accommodating resident needs. 

  • Three meals served daily in restaurant style dining
  • Cooking demonstrations and education
  • Integrating family favorite recipes comfort foods and the tastes of home
  • Private dining areas to reserve for special events with family and friends

We’re committed to culinary excellence.

We are always looking for innovative ways to improve the dining experience, whether through cooking demonstrations to educate our residents or training programs for local chefs. Our unique Providence Living Culinary Institute provides opportunities to advance culinary excellence and build connections with members of the surrounding communities.

Dining with dignity—our approach to memory care mealtime.

At Ambiance at Maitland, we understand the challenges created by memory impairment when it comes to dining and mealtime. Alzheimer’s disease and dementia can affect appetite, ability to use utensils effectively, and even impact recognition of food. Our culinary team creates visually appealing, aromatic options that are presented to provide residents with clear, simple choices. Accommodations for individual food preferences.

  • Meal plans integrating family favorites
  • Focus on presentation and simplified choices
  • Finger foods that promote independence
  • Cooking demonstrations and nutritional education
  • Community dining

Why food matters in memory care.

At first you may notice that your loved one doesn’t remember what they ate or even when they ate last. They may find it difficult to use utensils or to chew and swallow. They may not recognize certain foods anymore or remember what they enjoyed eating. Distractions can limit consumption or even interest in mealtimes.

Our certified dementia caregivers and staff understand the challenges associated with dementia and memory loss and will work with you to develop a multi-sensory dietary plan for your loved one. We build mealtimes into our daily routines to ensure consistent opportunities for nourishment and hydration and our culinary team will ensure that options include menu choices that reflect personal dietary preferences.

  • Finger foods alleviate motor skill challenges
  • Purees and soft foods aid chewing and swallowing
  • Reduced distractions ensure focus on eating
  • Consistent schedule means no forgotten meals
  • Optimal nutrition reduces illness and weight fluctuation